Leading on flawlessly from Lost Forever // Lost Together, Architects offer forward heavy beginnings that quickly live up to the hype surrounding the release of the highly-anticipated All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, demanding listeners full attention as the album unveils itself. Architects welcome fans back with ‘Nihilist’, which signifies their maturing as a collective, effortlessly combining clean and harsh vocals within the track while not proving to be overwhelming, but exhibiting a continuity of themes from past tracks like Broken Cross’ further emphasising a bridge between their latest and previous release.

Right from the very first track of All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, Architects appeal to their fans. This appeal continuing through to the fourth track, ‘Downfall’. ‘Downfall’ works as an incitement of anger, a direct appeal from the British collective – as seen through the lyrics –  “what’s it going to take to get us to stand up?” As the album continues to amount to a whole, each track can be seen exploring various different themes from the ideologies surrounding religion death and the time in between; reiterating a call to action from their fans to unify together and have their voices counted. ‘Deathwish’ begins progressively, building to a song that mindfully emphasises the strong relationship present between guitars and drums that is executed throughout,  blended through self-aware vocals that compliment the instrumental track. Sam Carters harsh stylings frequently fade in-and-out flawlessly, allowing the drums and guitars to be showcased as the whole track builds to a seamlessly balanced final product.

As expressed throughout, not only are Carter’s vocal stylings self-aware, but All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us puts forward a challenging perspective on the world which listeners inhabit, reiterated only further by ‘Phantom Fear’As the listeners reach the tail-end of the release they are treated with ‘A Match Made in Heaven’melodies flow elegantly throughout while being perfectly mirrored with harsh yet simultaneously pitched vocals quickly pulling the song together as an entity. After the natural rise and fall of the album, the collectives journey embarked upon throughout the release draws to a close through ‘Momento Mori’. Another parallel to Lost Forever // Lost Together, Architects offer forward their final epic track which combines the heavy beginnings and a certain sombreness set aside exclusively for this track.

In the static fades that wash into electronic tones, all tracks are quickly are accompanied by Carters signature clean vocal style, rounding out the entire album while emphasising a certain strength achieved within it. From a vocal sampling of philosopher Alan Watts, the collective once more reiterates to their fans the importance of assessing the world they live within and ensuring that they are not just another number. Overall, this release presents an organic growth from their prior album, showcasing throughout the effortless execution of infectious and simultaneously strong tracks. Architects present their listeners and fans a question: are you going to passively sit by and allow people to rule your views upon the world or are you going to stand upand make your voice heard.

All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us is available now via UNFD.