From warmer tones present within ‘Easy Going’, through to the smooth vocal stylings in ‘Same Minds’, each track is heightened by contrastingly harsh overtones. Stay In, Do Nothing takes shape while quickly exhibiting a sense of vocal diversity accented only further through consistently energetic instrumental melodics.

Starting off with a static beat which flows throughout the entire first track, fans are treated to the unveiling of a song dense with a careful balance between gritty and smooth tones. Paving way for a collection of songs that have proven to find the perfect in-between, the DIY sound aesthetic blends into well-rounded indie rock.

While the vast variety of vocals and guitar pacing causes drums to work as an ever-present source of sound, this feature mirrors the variation of other elements; creating a consistency that demands your interest while working alongside instrumental and vocal aspects of the album.

Stay In’ creates a certain nostalgic sensation that washes over listeners upon the first string, allowing Horror My Friend to grasp you by the hand like an old acquaintance and pull you directly into their debut. Offering forward a sense of familiarness while infusing it with enough variation, the track ensures that you listen to every arrangement track by track. While the chorus of ‘Stay In’ is certain to wriggle its way into your head, be ready for a subconscious tap along throughout.

The major strength of this album is a certain self-awareness which is present within each of the tracks. As the pace is experimented with alongside the patterns created with variant vocal stylings, Horror My Friend offers forward a strong first record, which works as gratification for all the anticipation surrounding Stay In, Do Nothing’s release. Through the highs and lows created by the carefully constructed energy within Stay In, Do Nothing, ‘PB Remains’ offers up a final and contrastingly sombre close to the release as a whole; simultaneously being riddled with electrifying emotion drawing the entire debut together.

Horror My Friend through Stay In, Do Nothing have ascertained their place as a band who are able to rise to a challenge, smashing out a debut album worthy of all the hype which lead up to its release.

Stay In, Do Nothing is out this Friday, via Poison City Records.