How did you find the self-recording process?
Making a record on our own was an amazing process. We can’t take all the credit because we have some very talented friends who helped shoulder the load, but it was a family affair that made it special. I think we learned a lot and quickly realized just how much we didn’t really know until we threw ourselves into it. There are a lot of highs and lows that come with recording yourself. It’s liberating to have complete control of the project, but for us, that came with some moments of self-doubt and feeling overwhelmed. Ultimately, it made us be better though and that’s the fun part. It’s like any other DIY project, if you put new hardwood floors in your house it may not be the most polished and professional job, but you’ll be damn proud of the finished project. And that’s the feeling we were chasing.

What piece of advice could you offer to someone who is looking to take the plunge to move from their hometown in the pursuit of their musical aspirations?
There’s no such thing as halfway committing. You are either in and taking all the steps necessary to committing yourself fully, or it’s half-assed and that shows in the long run. Speaking humbly from our experience, it’s the times that are the most uncomfortable that end up yielding the best results. It’s hard to have something to say when you’re fat and happy. it’s also imperative to have goals and tentpoles to strive for and to be revisiting those goals and adjusting them or adding new ones as you move along. As much as people think music is all about being a free spirit, it’s the people who are the most driven that end up succeeding, just like anything else.

In light of Out On The Weekend, who were some of your favorite acts of the weekend?
It’s funny, we had to go to Australia to connect with some really cool bands from America, but we have a great respect everyone both foreign and domestic. I might be tedious to list everyone, so I won’t but It was honestly one of the better festival experiences we had to date. A lot of respect for Love Police putting it all together.

How did you find Australian audiences in comparison to American audiences?
This was our first time in Australia so it was definitely a pioneering effort for us, but I wouldn’t say there are too many differences. If anything, the Australian audience seems to be more attentive and listening than we expected. Which is always a welcome surprise.

What sparked the idea to start Jamestown Revival?
Both Jon and I were looking for a fresh start. We began writing and creating music that was completely new for us and it sparked an idea musically that was very honest and just felt right. So we ran with it!

How does the Australian take on Americana stack up against the real thing?
Not too shabby. We’re really like cousins anyway. I think a lot of what makes up Americana is very much a part of the Australian spirit. At least with the people we encountered anyway.

Who would you identify as your three biggest musical inspirations?
Tough to narrow it down to just three but John Prine, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Willie Nelson have all been very important to us.

Do you think 15 years old you at a ‘Studio Night’ could have ever anticipated where you are today?
This might sound crazy but since we were kids, it has always felt as though if we put our minds together we could accomplish some pretty bizarre shit. That being said, neither one of us could have ever fully imagined being able to play music for a living and having the opportunity to travel half way around the world. We’ve caught some lucky bounces for sure. I always thought “studio night “was just an excuse to hang out, but maybe it has paid dividends after all.

Has there been a stand out moment of your career so far, if so what?
A lot of milestones and great moments. We’re grateful to be paying our bills. Sometimes it’s hard to stop and appreciate everything just because we’re so focused on forwarding momentum. Playing with Merle Haggard was up there for sure.

What lies ahead for Jamestown Revival?
More music, more touring and more stories to tell.

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