Under the dome-like structure that is The Triffid, the capped out venue played host to the Brisbane leg of Northlane’s National Node Tour. First to explode onto the stage were Melbourne’s own Ocean Grove who proved to be a testament to the thriving up and upcoming talent emerging from Australia’s alternative heavy scene. Pulling audiences in from the very beginning, it’s hard to imagine any other band who would have been able to warm the stage ahead of the enormity of both local and international artists the night promised. The crowd erupting into an energetic peak for ‘Backbone’, the band demanded all in attendance to watch as the cult favourites continue to grow as an ensemble.

Smoother harmonies followed Ocean Groves angst-riddled sound as Buried In Verona took to the stage as they showcased their latest (and reinvented) sound from Vultures Above Lions Below. The usual sing-a-long grasping audiences for ‘Extraction’, complimenting Ocean Groves performance and allowing the perfect build-up almost entirely based around their newer material. Churning in a little international brutality, the venue erupted in time with America’s own Like Moths To Flames – whose enormous sound rung throughout the venue – washed over audiences and added to the electric atmosphere that had been built so far. Fast drumbeats fused with even faster vocals caused the ensemble to captivate the entire venue from the first notes of their set right through to the last unrelentingly.

In a night when every band proved to have an even larger display than the last, the second to last artist exhibited the reason behind their long-term dominance within the international scene. August Burns Red’s ferocity inundated the venue and emphasised that even after over 10 years, they have only continued to mature and grow as a force to be reckoned with. Stealing the show and making them a hard act to follow, their entire set absolutely nailed it.

As darkness overcame the venue, an ambient display of lights overtook the stage in what was one of the most vivid displays of light at a show that I have ever played witness to. The energy of the venue was perfectly set as Northlane emerged with an incomparable ambience, followed by their stage performance which proved to take unrelenting charge. With vivid lights overwhelming the venue, vocalist Marcus Bridge effortlessly fronted the band, taking hold and exhibiting an array of both old and new material. The venue erupting during songs such as ‘Quantum Flux’, their final set ensured that they were not upstaged by any of the otherwise enormous artists on the bill. As their perfect combination of brutality, melodics and playful back and forth between cleans and harsh vocals filled the air, their set emphasised further that they only have continued to grow and hold their place firmly as one of the dominant forces within the international hardcore scene.