Ahead of their last run of shows to round out the year alongside Jack The Stripper we sifted through the mind of Luke Harris from fastly emerging Gold Coast band She Cries Wolf.

What inspired the name She Cries Wolf?

We initially named the band She Cries Blood, but Alex didn’t like that – so I changed it to She Cries Wolf. It was fitting, as I had just finished dating a girl who lied so much that when she told me something horrible that had happened to her, I didn’t believe it. Turned out to be true

Who’s your biggest musical influences?

Personally; AFI, Norma Jean, Silverchair, John Lennon and Nirvana.

What is your major driving force as a band?

The driving force is playing fun live shows and inspiring others to create music and perform.

Do you think you have had a defining point as a band so far, if so what was it?

We each have a defining point thus far, I’m sure. For myself, it was definitely the East Coast tour we did in May/June. We definitely stepped things up performance-wise and realising that people from other states backed us was a great feeling.

What has been your favourite gig to play so far and why?

During the May/June tour we played a headlining show at a pub in Toowoomba. The vibe of the night was low and we were nervous setting up. We started playing and instantly the room erupted into flailing bodies – it was so much fun.

‘Goodnight’ is your only entirely clean song on Divorce, what was your main inspiration for creating this track, and is there an artistic reason behind this?

I had initially written that song for a band I was in previously, named Closure. During Divorce’s pre-production phase we realised that the album was 30 odd minutes of aggression and decided to break up the sound with something different. In doing this, we felt it created a better listening experience.


What was your creative process going into the creation of ‘Chapter II’ and how was this similar/different to other tracks such as ‘Fixtures’?

The process was much the same. Kyal and I didn’t stop writing after Divorce. We spend a lot of time outside of shows, work, life etc. working on new material in his bedroom. Troy wanted us to drop a new single – so we picked one of our favourite tracks and went straight into the studio. The difference is in the quality and production, which has served as a benchmark for the future.

When you formed this band in 2014 did you ever anticipate how fast momentum behind you guys would build, and how does what you expected and what you have achieved stack up next to each other?

We had no idea how this band would be received and really expected nothing. That’s why everything that has happened so far has been incredible.

Are you currently working on any upcoming releases, and if so what should listeners expect?

We are working on a new album, which will be out sometime next year. Follow us on Social Media for release dates and updates.

Friday November 13th
The Lab, Brisbane, QLD

Friday December 4th
Aspire Studios, Wollongong, NSW

Saturday December 5th
Invasion Fest, Melbourne, VIC
Tickets available at www.oztix.com.au – AA