Keeping the good vibes rolling through a performance that harnessed a certain unorganised chaos unquite any I have witnessed before, Sabercat’s set immediately urged me to be stupidly angry at myself as this was my first ever time seeing them. This chaos only worked to their favour, throwing the crowd straight into their performance and seeing to it to the end. (Even with a few hiccups they still absolutely nailed it.) Finishing on a humbling note through thanking the dedication of fans within the scene, their set rung out as this imperfect-yet-perfect fusion that created an immersive hardcore sound. Diverging away from the similar sounds of the prior bands, the next band threw a little brutality into the mix; especially evident within ‘An Ancient Chaos’; the venue became overwhelmed with the thunderous deathcore stylings of Promethean. Further building anticipation and adding to the electric atmosphere of the afternoon, the band set the stage perfectly for the awaited return of Brisbane crowd favourites Rivals.

Exploding into their set, they only proved further that however comparably 2015 has been a much quieter year for the ensemble, they haven’t simply been biding their time. Rivals emerged with a newfound sense of awareness, delivering strongly song after song, executing each with a new sense of maturity while being received accordingly by audiences; seeing to it a resolution to the built up anticipation that surrounded them. However, their set was cut short, Rivals reiterated to all those in attendance their absolute dominance within Brisbane’s alternative music scene, proving that however 2015 has been a vastly inactive year for the collective they still haven’t lost their touch.