We sifted through the chaotic minds of Jimmy and Carlos from Bootleg Rascal as they delved into their love of Boats, their will to see Kenny Powers drunk riding a mechanical bull, and interpretive dance.

If you could sub yourself into any band which band would it be and why?
Jimmy: I would have to say id like to be in MC Hammers’ crew, just for the pants and the dope film clips.
Carlos: The Lonely Island, cus’ they get to go on boats…. I like boats

Who was the first live artist you saw?
When I was 12 years old I won tickets to see Green Day!!
Carlos: yeah my mum took me to watch Michael Bublé…..yeah

What is your favourite venue to perform at?
A place called Baha Tacos in the Mornington Peninsula just south of Melbourne, best thing is the tacos and tequila
Carlos: I’d have to say The Great Northern in Byron Bay….its such a good vibe there all the time.

What is your dream venue to perform at?
Jimmy: The Paradiso in Amsterdam, it’s just such a cool venue
Carlos: On a boat!!!

If you could sit down with any artist living or dead for a chat who would it be and why?
Probably Jimmy Hendrix to see if could give me a guitar lesson…. I need all the help I can get these days.
Carlos: I would say, Frank Sinatra, He was just such a bad-ass and I reckon he would the maddest stories you know.

If you were to construct an ultimate line up for a gig who would be in it and why?
Jimmy: Kenny Powers-drunk riding a mechanical bull and singing 80s karaoke…. That is all that is needed
Carlos: Led Zepplin headlining, The Police and The Gorillaz supporting, Snoop Dogg opening. Why? The diversity and that after party would be mental.

Best memory surrounding a gig?
In Portland Amuuurica, the whole gig got canned because the band was “apparently” “too intoxicated” to perform, we got thrown out and caught a cab to a vegan strip bar where we spent the remainder of the night
Carlos: I’d have to say being backstage at falls watching Sticky Fingers, and seeing our drummer Jack crowd surfing on an inflatable couch….yes that happened he rode that wave all the way from the back!!

Who is the best act you have seen live?
Jimmy: Rage Against The Machine at Big Day out 2008
Carlos: When I was seven I went to Playschool party house performance and Monica gave me a kiss on the cheek, I still haven’t washed that cheek

What do you think makes for a good live performance?
Gold hot pants and roller skates, especially when combined and a splash of interpretive dance really does the trick.
Carlos: Hotcakes, hot babes and something moving in your pants.

Catch the live shenanigans of Bootleg Rascal at one of their upcoming shows:

Saturday October 19th
The Great Northern, Byron Bay, NSW

Saturday November 7th
Peregian Festival/Original, QLD