Do you remember your first live concert? The overwhelming anticipation as you awaited entry? Or the nerves that overtook your stomach as you queued up outside in the cold among friends? The realisation that an artist was coming to life, outside of a realm of television screens, radio speakers, or posters hung in admiration throughout your bedroom was practically electric. These people were real, living, breathing and you were about to witness them perform the songs which you devotedly recited in the lead up to this very moment.

What would you say your three biggest inspirations are that have affected your live performance?
Ahh! I would have to say probably one is Adele, even though I have never seen her live. I love her banter between songs and I think that’s probably part of what made me really confident in my live show. After supporting Joshua Radin last week, I found him hugely inspiring; him alongside other acoustic performers like Matt Corby and Mark Wilkinson all know the spine-chilling effect of the silence of a room and soft vocals. Obviously, when playing to certain crowds this doesn’t always work, but they made me realise its okay to have softness and space in some parts of your performance and you don’t always have to be fighting the crowd chatter.

If you could be any musician for a day who would it be and why?
Taylor Swift! Haha, her live shows just look so much fun to be in and I think she would have the best time. If I looked like her too I think my inclination to dance around on stage in short shorts would be far higher haha!

If you could watch any album played in its entirety what album would it be?
Bon Iver’s Bon Iver ! He is one on my bucket list to see live.

If you could sit down with any musician living or dead who would it be and why?
Probably Amy Winehouse. She would have to be up there. I just think she is such an incredible artist and in a way I kind of wish I could save her. Her whole conception of art and creating is very different to mine and in a way I think it would be fascinating to talk to her.

Best memory surrounding a live performance?
Probablyyyy opening for Gabrielle Aplin. It was special for many reasons. It was kind of the first real big show that I had done, and winning the competition through my online following to get there and the whole experience just really made for a special moment. It was the first time that I felt like everyone believed that I could have a journey in music as much as I knew I could. And to think about that being only two years ago and how much I’ve changed is crazy, but yes, it was definitely a special show!

What was your first gig you attended?
The first concert I went to was Hilary Duff at Rod Laver! I think I was about 10 and I made a t-shirt which I still have saying “Hilary Duff Number 1 Fan” on it and it fits me as a crop top now with HD’s head morphed over my now formed boobs.


What country did you find to have the most intriguing reception to your showcase, and why?
That’s so hard! Haha America and Korea were as intriguing as each other because they were just so unexpected! Korea was amazing because even though I sung in English (and there was obviously communication barriers) they could understand all my songs. A lot just couldn’t speak English, so that was really cool!

Best Concert you have attended?
Ed Sheeran at Festival Hall would have to be up there. He is one of my favourite songwriters but his performance as well is just incredible. Looping live, how he does so effortlessly and well, is just a must-see.

What is your favourite venue that you have played at and why?
I played a show at ST Pancras Cathedral last year in London and it was my first Cathedral show – I have since decided there is nothing like the acoustics in a venue like that it is AMAZING!

What is your favourite venue that you have attended a concert at?
One of the best shows of my life was probably seeing Kodaline at Liverpool Sound City at the start of last year in the Liverpool Cathedral. The place was HUGE and haunting, and the sound was just mind blowing. They are one of my favourite bands, so I stayed all night and had to catch an overnight bus straight after that to a festival I was playing the next day (little did I know I would be opening for them just a few months later haha).

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