Columbus | Spring Forever

Sombre introductions welcome listeners into Columbus’ highly anticipated first studio album, Spring Forever. This calmness, just like the album artworks’ electric shock of pastel orange, is quick to transition into a rupturing energy that effortlessly combines the earnest sultry tones that swell beneath with an infectious strength. This strength – steeped in curiosity and power –Continue reading “Columbus | Spring Forever”

Hellions – Opera Oblivia

Ambient beginnings mark the newest release from Sydney’s coveted quartet Hellions, but the transition that follows this isn’t necessarily what fans might have expected. Distinguishable from their past body of work, ‘24′ offers a choir-like infusion of the Hellions that made enormous waves among the Australian hardcore scene – Opera Oblivia promises fans a little moreContinue reading “Hellions – Opera Oblivia”

All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us – Architects

Leading on flawlessly from Lost Forever // Lost Together, Architects offer forward heavy beginnings that quickly live up to the hype surrounding the release of the highly-anticipated All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us, demanding listeners full attention as the album unveils itself. Architects welcome fans back with ‘Nihilist’, which signifies their maturing as a collective, effortlesslyContinue reading “All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us – Architects”

Violent Soho – The Forum – 14/05/16

Nothing seems more appropriate than writing this review two years to the day since I first saw Violent Soho live – ever since that fateful One Night Stand performance in my home town of Mildura my adoration for their live presence was solidified – reiterated only further by their performance at The Forum. When theContinue reading “Violent Soho – The Forum – 14/05/16”

Luca Brasi – If This Is All We’re Gonna Be

Bombarded with an overwhelming energy right from the opening bar, Luca Brasi welcomes you warmly into their highly anticipated LP, If This Is All We’re Going To Be. Written between overcoming the hurdles that come with living in different parts of the most forgotten Australian state of ye’ old Tasmania and attempting to fit inContinue reading “Luca Brasi – If This Is All We’re Gonna Be”

Wu-Tang Clan – Margret Court Arena – 23/02/16

An ominous public service announcement voice welcomed the masses into the arena, “all those here for the Wutang Clan, please proceed towards the stairs.” While nothing could have sounded stranger than an invisible monotone man directing mobs of eager rap fans uniformly – nothing could compare or dampen the electric sense of anticipation that riddledContinue reading “Wu-Tang Clan – Margret Court Arena – 23/02/16”

Horror My Friend – Stay In Do Nothing

Breaking through the suburban shackles of Adelaide comes a ’90s reminiscent, grittily infectious debut album from Horror My Friend. Combining raw vocal tones and melodically influenced instrumentals, the trio offers forward a memorising collection of tracks, all of which demand those listening to stand up and take note. From warmer tones present within ‘Easy Going’,Continue reading “Horror My Friend – Stay In Do Nothing”

Unify Festival – Tarwin Lower – 2016

A procession of 5000 eager sleepy-eyed music fans made the two hour trip to Tarwin Lower on Saturday the 17th of January for the second annual UNIFY Gathering. Set across two sold-out days, the BYO camping festival experience kicked-off with gates welcoming in the masses at around 11am. Rather than continue to bore you withContinue reading “Unify Festival – Tarwin Lower – 2016”